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We are now running 107,000kl storage tanks (with 34 tanks) through phased expansions since Kyung Dong t Tank Terminal was founded in 2007, and are planning to make and additional expansion (20,000 ~ 30,000 kl) in the future, in order to even promote the conveniences of our customers.


In order to aim at the best quality control, based on safety and environmental protection, we got ISO 9001 and CDI-T(Chemical Distribution Institute for Terminals) certification, while we provide a variety of services to the customers through cargo blending in accordance with the designation of the Comprehensive bonded area. We also provide the most competitive and sift warehousing system in Pyeongtaek Port, through our admittance of ships by way of our two spaces for 30,000 DWT-level ships, while our distribution systems, such as the Terminal Logistic System (TLS) and the drum packing facilities, will meet the various needs of the customers.


We Kyung Dong Tank Teminal, located in Pyeongtaek Port, the Northeast Asia logistics hub, will continue to do our best for the customer satisfaction, through exact cargo management and continual facility investments.


We ask for our continuous interest and support for our efforts, as well as for our growth, and wish your tremendous success in things you are doing.


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