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To the World Kyung Dong Tank Terminal

Sep. 2022

저장탱크(19,000kl) 및 부대시설공사 준공 예정

(총 126,000kl, 40기)


Apr. 2014

Completion of Storage Tank 10Tanks, Capacity 31,500kl

(Total 34 Tanks, Capacity 107,000kl)


Dec. 2013

Acquired a additional berth supporting vessels up to 30,000 DWT

(Total 2 Berth)


Dec. 2013

Designated and Patented as Comprehensive Bonded Area


Nov. 2013

Obtained the Certificate of CDI-T

(Chemical Distribution Institute-Terminals)


Feb. 2013

Obtained the Certificate of ISO 9001


Jul. 2012

Completion of Storage Tank 9Tanks, Capacity 33,700kl

(Total 24 Tanks, Capacity 75,500lkl)


Apr. 2011

Completion of Storage Tank 13Tanks, Capacity 35,800kl

(Total 15Tanks, Capacity  41,800kl)


Mar. 2010

Commenced operation of storage tanks,

and loading and unloading of cargo


Jan. 2010

Obtained a licensed bonded area permit


Dec. 2009

Completed the construction of storage tanks 6,000kl

and additional facilities


Nov. 2009

Acquired a berth supporting vessels up to 30,000 DWT


Dec. 2007

Established Kyung Dong Tank Terminal co., Ltd

81, Dangjinhangman-ro, Shinpyeong-myeon, Dangjin-city,

Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Kyung Dong Tank Terminal : 125-81-72326

TEL : 031-683-5101          FAX : 031-683-5105

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