Safety, Environment, Health

Safety, Environment, Health

Safety, Environment, Health

KDTT strives to create a happier world for all

We are well aware that safety always remains the highest priority.

We focus our full capabilities on the prevention of accidents and environmental damage.

Sharing this dedication to safety of themselves and everyone else involved



Mainianing a zero accident rate


Stengthening safety education and training in practical firefighting


Complying with working standards


Conducting systematic regular inspections of facilities and improving the working process


Following strict in-house safety procedures for unloading hazardous materials at the doc


Establishing multiple security systems (Integrated Security-In_hous Security-Integrated CCTV-In-house CCTV)


Supporting programs for fire, explosion, and leakage prevention



Preventing the pollution of marine facilities and conduction disaster prevention training


Managing toxic materials


Conduction regular soil quality inspections


Discarding and managing waste in full compliance with all laws



Evaluating the working environment


Educating on MSDS and providing related materials


Conducting regular medical checkups (Special Checkup/Checkup prior to Employment Placement/ General Checkup)


Strengthening toxic material management training

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